Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wildflowers on Route 66

Historic Route 66, going across the State of Oklahoma, has neat things to see and attractions to visit. I found these wildflowers in a field next to the Mother Road, which to me are a beautiful site and certainly attracted me to get out of my car and take these photos.
Indian Blanket Flower
Oklahoma's State Wildflower
I love these little yellow flowers with their fern like stems.
These white "flowers" are probably just some type of weed, with their heavy duty thick stems, but they add such a splash of brightness to the landscape. Next time you travel...look at the beauty along the way. We always seem to get into such a hurry to get to our destination we miss some of the real sites.

My poor husband is use to me hitting the brakes, and pulling over in the middle of no where, to take photos of something I just saw. He has adjusted to the fact that my mind is a bubble off of plumb.

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