Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Board

I made a photo board to take to family reunion. I was so much easier than passing around photos or a photo album. I sent my granddaughter to Wal-Mart to get either a piece of foam board or a cardboard display board. She brought me back the cardboard display board for $3. Well the outside of the display board was covered in advertising. I went to Family dollar and picked up a roll of wrapping paper for $1. I glued the wrapping paper on the outside of the display board. Looked much better!
I picked out photos of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and glued down on the inside of the display. I also included Callie Ann and Lizzie Tu, because they are family members too! I even added a photo of Main Street in our town to show where we lived.
Next I took a black sharpie and labeled all of the photos.
At the reunion people can learn about my family, without all the hassle of me explaining who is who, they can just read the photo captions on the photo board. I will just sit the photo board up on my card table and enjoy the reunion.

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  1. Ilove the wrapping paper on the back. It just finishes is off so nicely!