Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am forever telling someone to use apple cider vinegar to apply to a rash or liven up veggies by soaking them in cold water and vinegar. Make a meat tenderizer with 1/2 cup vinegar and a cup of liquid bouillon or add vinegar to the cooking water of boiling cabbage to prevent the cabbage odor from taking over the house, etc., etc.  I even faintly remember being on some diet back in my late 20's, that included putting apple cider vinegar on every veggie that was on the diet food list.
I knew Hippocrates used it thousands of years ago as a medicine. Now there is a study in the works using vinegar to benefit people with type two diabetes. According to Carol Johnston, Ph.D. from Web MD, both the blood glucose and insulin were better managed after a meal when it included vinegar. The vinegar works like the Metformin I take for type two diabetes. The vinegar also helped people to lose weight. The tart taste of vinegar turns people off and they are working on trying to put it in a pill form. I guess until they get the pill out I need to start using more vinegar on my food.
How do you use vinegar?

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  1. I love vinegar! I use it when I cook Asian food. Balsamic vinegar goes in the bottom of the dish when I make wedge salads. There's always a spot for a dollop of vinegar! I also use white vinegar for cleaning. Put a healthy splash in the mop water and it cuts grime better and eliminates the need to rinse. Heat a cup of white vinegar and mix with dish soap in a spray bottle to clean the bathtub. Just spray down the tub and shower walls. Let sit for a bit then rinse off. I use a cheap dollar store mop to wipe it all down (so much easier on the back and knees), then rinse.