Thursday, August 30, 2012

Voting With Grandchildren

Voting with Grandchildren
We had the mayor's election and a school bond issue on the ballot Tuesday.
We were proud to get to go vote with our Granddaughter Shelby (right) and
her friend Shelbi (middle) who also calls us Pop and Granny.
It is a proud feeling when you can go vote with your grandchildren.
It is a proud feeling to see young people take an interest in their rights.
It is a proud feeling to know that you have instilled the importance of voting in them.
We always went and voted with our daughters when they were at home,
and now it is the third generation of voters!
(You still have time to register to vote before the November elections.)

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  1. You clearly did a good job! My parents never voted and while I always do for the big elections, I have to say I would probably skip the smaller ones if it wasn't for my husband!