Monday, September 24, 2012


I do not do FACEBOOK...but I do love all the e-mails I recieve with things others have found on FB. Everyone says "you need on FB"...then they think about it, (and how I voice my opinions) and say "oh maybe not"...LOL
I did sit down at my husband's Facebook one time to look at some photos and ended up posting a comment to one of our daughter's childhood friends (she is 35 so not a child anymore)...the jest of it was she needed to listen for the know the sound made when her head popped out of her @@@........she really pushed my buttons and just reassured me that I do not need FB.
With that said I want to share some of my favorite Facebook things others have sent me.
NOTE: The school teacher income listed above is much higher than in Oklahoma!
OK, I will do some more Facebook things at a later date...there are tons of them!

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  1. This is Jonathons wife lacey and I really shouldnt have facebook either but I do most people just delete me but it's fine I find it funny :-) speak your mind!