Monday, September 3, 2012

I love Craft Wars!

Craft Wars is a reality show on the TLC Network. It is hosted by Tori Spelling and has contestants competing in craft challenges to win a $10,000 prize. Michael's sponsors the crafting supplies used by the contestants on the show. If you have not tuned in to Craft Wars you should find it in your area. The contestants come up with some very interesting ideas. The biggest challenge of the show is that they have to work with off the wall items they are given to make something that they are told to make. We are not talking small crafts either, there has been dog houses, play houses, Christmas trees and all kinds of other crazy crafts. It is a VERY entertaining show. I love Craft Wars!
TLC photos


  1. Cool show! Love seeing the creative ways the contestants come up with a solution to meet the challenge. So wish we had a Michael's here!

  2. I totally need to start watching this one! I was going to and then I forgot about it...

  3. What a neat concept for a show - it makes me wish I had cable.