Saturday, September 8, 2012

Garage Sale Find

I was excited to find this container of trims, bias tape, piping, rick rack and blanket binding for $2.00 at a garage sale. If I had purchased them at a store only a couple of them would have been $2.00. My girls always ask "what are you going to do with that" every time I find something neat. If I do not need the item at that exact moment they just don't understand why I would want it. I am always on the look out for crafting items at garage sales or thrift stores. I know that I will put it on the shelf and use it for a future project of some kind. My goal is to always buy cheap and have things on hand for those times a project pops into my head. Kind of like hanging on to old sheets that don't match anything I friend Pat started making rag rugs and I was able to fix her up with those old sheets.
This is my box of goodies!
This is a rag rug my friend Pat made from old sheets.
This is an example of how I used some trim I found at a bargarin.
I added the trim to some jean purses I made for my granddaughter.

What are your ideas for inexpensive crafting supplies?


  1. I so do this, too! Oftentimes, if I need to make a trip to the store, I never get around to making something. It's so nice to want to make something and have stuff on hand for the project. This is a handy tip for the kitchen!

  2. I got a whole load of trims and notions at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Oklahoma City on 10th and Meridian. I paid PENNIES for each and had so much lace and binding and elastic, I had to let my mother go through the stash for whatever she wanted because I was running out of space.

  3. I love finding a good deal at a garage sale!

  4. We're coming out of the synthesized aether for you city folk and this is a fine slab of neglected psychedelic sunshine pop.