Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Healthy Choice Soup

I take a can of soup for lunch any time we do not have leftovers to pack for lunch.
My favorite stand by soup is Campbell's Chicken Noodle.
I decided to try something different.
It tasted OK, but was just not something I would buy again.
Must just be too healthy?
I did LOVE the label.
I loved that it shows the
 information about daily recommended amounts.
It tells Weight Watcher Points for anyone on that program.
It gives diabetic exchanges per serving.
Lots of GREAT information on the label.
All of the nutritional facts are big enough to read.
Lots of food labels are hard to read.
The noodles are curly and there's lots of carrots and celery in the soup.
Next time, I will take red pepper flakes to work to add more flavor.
I know....I expect a lot from a can of soup:)

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  1. Sometimes they just don't spice it up enough for some of us! Courtney has got me started eating Progresso. There's a spicy chicken that's really good.