Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School Bulletin Boards

My daughter, the Special Education Teacher, is always in the "market" for new classroom bulletin board ideas. I thought maybe some of the other teachers might be interested in a few of the bulletin boards we have used in the past.

 "Step Into Reading" bulletin board started with a red vinyl tablecloth found on the sale isle. It was a much brighter red than the dull bulletin board paper you find in some schools. The "foot" is a bathtub/shower mat and my daughter added a piece of tin foil to make a "toe ring." The letters are just plain poster board and the border is pre-cut sale border from the school supply store.

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees" bulletin board used another cheap vinyl table cloth for the background. Paper grocery sacks were cut and marked on with magic marker to look like a tree....ok it is suppose to look like a tree. The "leaves" are play money of course! The words were just printed on small poster board and edged with more play money. Border was pre-cut bulletin board border from the school supply store.

"Obey Your Thirst For Knowledge" bulletin board background was another cheap vinyl tablecloth. Watch for the close out sales on vinyl tablecloths at the end of summer and after holidays. Grab every solid color you can find and then add your imagination to create something later. We used them for bulletin boards, but I have used them to make huge birthday banners by painting in them with cheap acrylic paint. Ok...back to the bulletin board. We used plastic cups, straws and sparkle Easter grass in the cups to look like drinks. We wrote words like apply, predict, review, explain, create, model, evaluate and illustrate on the cups. Of course you can use what ever words you want or no words at all. We used two colors of poster board to make the drink "can" with other poster board colors for the accents. Tin foil for the silver parts. On the top left corner of the can it says Excuses Free. I loved this one because of the word THINK.

RECYCLE....When my other daughter (the mother of my granddaughter and youngest grandson) needed a bulletin boards at her school we recycled the above ideas and used them again. She is a Paraprofessional and works with Special Needs students also. She can read and write braille which has been invaluable the past couple years for her students and the other teachers. She is also the Special Olympics coordinator for the entire Public School. OK...sorry I do get side tracked. 

For this bulletin board I "helped my husband" get rid of some of his more colorful ties! I took a piece of brown fabric and just freehanded a cut out of a turkey body. Used magic marker to add eyes and beak. A tiny scrap of red fabric to add the "gobble." I hot glued the fat part of the ties to the back of the turkey body and the thin part of the ties to make the wing and legs. She took the turkey to school, covered the bulletin board with paper, added a few book jackets and the letters "Gobble Up A Great Book!" The kids and other staff at the school loved the bulletin board. 

If you have any bulletin board ideas or see any cool ideas that could be transformed into a bulletin board please share. I love comments.

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