Wednesday, August 7, 2013

St. Phillips Episcopal Church - Ardmore, Oklahoma

St. Phillips Episcopal Church Ardmore, Oklahoma
Established 1893
Check out this building...WOW
I started taking photos on the east side of the building.
Moved around to the north side of the building.
I love this has some really beautiful features.
We were on a unexpected trip to Ardmore and all I had was my
Kodak easy share camera in my purse.
My husband and my daughter followed me in the van,
 so I could walk along and snap photos.
I would love to see the inside of this building since it is so beautiful on the outside.
It covers a whole block!
Have no clue what the red doors are all about.
My camera did not capture the beauty of the roof at all.
Just look at all of the rock work that went into building this!
If you are ever in Ardmore, Oklahoma spend a couple hours downtown.

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