Saturday, August 17, 2013

Potato Patties Leftover Mashed Potatoes

These are my daughter's favorite. Every time my husband has to work in the city and stays at her house she wants him to make these for her. Yes, she will be 36 in just a few days and is extremely spoiled by her Daddy! She plans ahead when she knows he is coming and has all the things she wants him to cook for her lined out and ready to fix. She is so funny.

Recycle your left over mashed potatoes into potato patties and serve as a side dish with the next meal. They are quick and easy to prepare plus it is a way to use up the left overs.

Add an egg, chopped onion and flour to the left over mashed potatoes. Mix well.
Shape into a pattie and put flour on both sides.
Place in hot oil in a skillet.
Watch around the edges and when they start to brown turn over and brown the other side.
Take out of oil after browning both sides and drain on paper towels.

So easy to make and good to eat.


  1. Sounds like HEART BURN city!

  2. My momma used to make the best ones! I always forget to put the onions in when I make them. Maybe with this reminder, I'll get it right the next time! I really love it when you remind me of the simple pleasures!

  3. My Arkie hubs has been wanting these for awhile! Maybe this will remind me to make some for him. This makes it look easy! Maybe. ;)

  4. My mom used to always make these when I was growing up--they are so good!