Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cozy Custom Cards

This is a home based business created by my friend Elaine and her friend Joan. They make some awesome Cozy Custom Cards...check them out. They even offer a mailing service!

We at Cozy Custom Cards are dedicated to providing quality and service for all of your card-giving occasions.  When you order your card, you can request a customized greeting, a Braille message, and if you give us the name and address of the recipient, we'll even sign and mail it for you.  Look in the Specials tab for information about our subscription mailing service.

All Cozy Custom Cards are hand-crafted on heavy card stock with lots of tactile features to delight the hand as well as the eye. Cards are 4 1/4 by 5 inches. 

Ten percent of our proceeds go to support the Oklahoma Council of the Blind.​

Check this space often!
Ask about our mailing service.  We offer two options:
1.  Order a card, or a whole year's worth of cards, and we will send appropriate cards to you in time for you to sign and mail them to the recipients
2.  Give us a list of names, addresses, and birth dates, and we will sign and mail them out for you.

Elaine was an art major in college and now works full-time as a rehabilitation teacher for the blind.  As a legally blind person herself, she enjoys numerous hobbies such as books on tape, narrated movies, and stamping cards.  Elaine is the creative force behind Cozy Custom Cards, as well as a relentless producer of colorful, tactile cards.  Her husband, Jay, provides the Braille messages when requested.

Joan is the "eyes" of Cozy Custom Cards.  As a sighted person, Joan is able to handle the activities that require vision, such as helping to match colors and make sure lines are straight.  She works days as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the deaf-blind, and spends her spare time learning and practicing new card making techniques.

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