Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yard Sale

My Granddaughter (on the left in this photo) wanted me to get rid of some of the stuff in my house and she needed some money, so we decided to have a yard sale. Our town has a town-wide garage sale so it was perfect timing. We worked one whole Saturday cleaning out the garage. Then I took off work on Friday before the sale and we pulled out more stuff and did the pricing. We advertised the sale from 9 am to 2 pm...cause that was all the FUN we thought we could stand. Well the first customer stopped at 6:45 am and we did not even have our stuff all out yet. A big rush of customers arrived at 8 am. What is it with people that think they have to arrive before everyone else...I knew they would, but it still makes me a little ticked off...if people actually put a time on their signs and newspaper ads respect that time! Ok, I will get off my soap box now. We had a good time and she got a little money.
And since we did not have enough tables...we got pallets from the newspaper
and used them for small tables at our sale!

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