Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Canvas Tennis Shoes

It is always fun to fix custom tennis shoes for the kids to wear with a Halloween theme during the month of October or other times of the year. We use to make them for nearly every holiday. These were made for my granddaughter when she was in kindergarten and she is now a Junior in high school. Time really flies, so it is important to take the time to make these kind of memory items for them to enjoy.
One inexpensive pair of black canvas tennis shoes.
Acrylic or fabric paint: white, yellow, orange, green for Halloween.
Paint the designs of your choice! You can see how simple these designs were to paint.
Just use all the paint colors to add tiny dots for a more festive look.


  1. Too cute! Big people would like these too! Why limit your subject to Halloween? You could decorate shoes for any occasion!

  2. The new phase is to buy Tom's shoes - yes, the ones where you pay for one pair and a second pair is donated to children in Africa - and decorate them. Plain, flat, canvas shoes with no strings - $43-$50 and you paint away.

    Would you make me a pair of these? I want mine to look like elf shoes. ;)