Friday, July 8, 2011

40th Class Reunion

Last month I attended my 40th year Class Reunion. It was totally awesome. We had the majority of our class show up and just had so much fun learning about what everyone had been doing for the past 40 years. Almost everyone pretty much looked the same, just 40 years older!
Our English teacher Mr. Huber and his wife came, which was so enjoyable for everyone. He told stories about his experience as a newlywed twenty-two year old in his first teaching job at our high school. We all laughed until we had tears rolling. It was so funny hearing about those experiences. Everyone took a turn at the microphone telling about their funniest memory.
Our decorations were simple, just 45 rpm records with shredded basket paper around them. We used black tablecloths, red plates and napkins, and white cups to show our school colors of black and white with red accents. We were the Blackhawks.
This is a photo of our group....most are older and wiser....I am older and wider!
(That's me with the really white legs on the front row)
We had foam boards with 1971events, television shows, sports news, political news, music, and lots of other facts of 40 years ago. There was also a display of the senior class photos. Letters from those unable to attend were put out for everyone to read. My classmates had lots of fun looking at the yearbooks and making fun of the clothes we all wore back in the day. The hair styles garnered lots of laughs too!

We decided we were not going to wait 10 years before we have another reunion...we will have our next gathering in 5 years. Our reasoning is that in 10 years we will all be really OLD! 

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