Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cook's New Stove


Oven Controls
Self Clean
Oven Light
Time Controls
Kitchen Timer
Cooking Time
Start Time

Our old stove died. It had been a good and faithful servant for twenty years. My husband just wore it out. Yes, I said my husband because he is a wonderful cook and the one who does the majority of the cooking at our house. For those of you who can't get your husband to "help" in the kitchen I'm sorry. My husband would prefer I stay out of the way while he is cooking, which is perfectly ok with me.

In our town there was not a lot of choice and we did not want to drive to the city. We prefer to buy local whenever possible. Like the MADE IN OKLAHOMA shopping we try to do at the grocery store. We found a GE gas range that he liked and that is what we purchased. You think GE stands for General Electric?
For me GE stands for GREAT EATS!

Sealed Gas Burners! Yeah! No more drips and spills getting under the burners and down in the stove top. Does not have four individual little wells to catch the drips. Only one big "drip pan" covers the entire surface of the stove top.

Heavy duty two piece burner grate! Not four individual grates that sometimes slip. The actual burners are different sizes too. There is the big one for "Power Boil" for larger pots. The small one for "Precise Simmer." Two regular size ones for regular type cooking.

This new stove is not nearly as fancy as some, but it has lots of features we did not have on the old stove. The old stove had five knobs, four burners and an oven. No push button controls, no oven light, nothing but the basics. The timed oven cooking on the new stove is something we probably will never use, but it is nice that we can if we want. The self-cleaning oven OMG....awesome!  Wait...why was I saying WE when I should say HE. I am ready for him to get it broke in this weekend.

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