Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Cross off "SEE WEINERMOBILE" on my bucket list! Yes, I was excited about seeing the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile! Those who know me already are aware that it does not take much to entertain me, and I can get excited about most anything. Now the song is stuck in my head...I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner... I have to tell you the Weinermobile was pretty cool and of course my two favorite colors orange and yellow! It is 27 feet long and seats six. I figured this was my only chance to take my very own photos of the Weinermobile and I could not wait to share them with you. I took both sides and the back and front.

Melissa thought we were crazy, but she got her photo with the Weinermobile.
Husband giving it the once over.
The front. Notice the big hot dogs on the dash.
The back of the Weinermobile.
Funny tag. Drivers are called hotdoggers. Note husband's reflection in bottom left of photo.
Husband is all smiles to get to pose by the Weinermobile.

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