Sunday, September 19, 2010

Frame It

My daughter might be right??? I do love to watch those decorating shows on television. So I might be addicted to them. One of the "tips" I liked was about hanging photographs. Instead of having them all over the place make a cluster of photos. Several of the shows said to measure out where you wanted to hang the photos and make it like a long rectangle. It is suppose to create a gallery look.

Well I had several very big frames, when my girls moved to new places I decided to hang some photographs for them. In this first photo I discarded the old cracked glass and backing of the two frames. Spray painted the frames gold. I hung them far enough apart to put two photographs and a small shelf between the frames. Then I took photographs she already had framed (8 x 10 photographs) and hung them inside the empty frames. It helped the mis-matched frames her photos were in to have a more "matched" appearance.

In this next photo I used three of the big empty frames and spray painted them black. My Aunt Sharon says you can make anything look good with black spray paint. This daughter had different sizes of photographs she wanted to use. As you can see there are also horizontal and vertical photos used inside these big frames. This was a large wall and these frames worked really well. When you love family photographs, like our family does, using this framing project makes it easier to display them.

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