Monday, September 13, 2010

More Cat Tails

Under the bed, in a box, in a sack, in a suitcase, in the closet, behind the furniture, wedged in book shelves, with a page from the newspaper, on top of a shelf in the garage, are only a few places our cats love to hide. They can make a game that lasts several hours with a plastic or paper sack. One cat gets inside the sack and the other cat runs and pounces on top of the sack. They both try to get in the same sack, which can either end up in a battle of hiss and slaps or curled up together. Some times all we see are the cat tails!

Every time we get the suitcase out the cats get in the suitcase while we are trying to pack. They have learned that we are leaving and most surely want to go! It makes us feel guilty when we leave them, but I am pretty sure that is their goal when they climb in the suitcase.

Lizzie Tu has learned that she can get on the back of the love seat and do two things. The first favorite thing she does is sits there very quietly and reaches out and slaps the person who comes through the door that is next to the love seat. The new thing she has learned from that vantage point is that she can turn off the living room lights with the switch. She has also learned to get up on the bed and stand on her hind legs and turn off the bedroom light with the switch. One of her favorite hiding spots is under the computer table while I am at the computer. She is always into something.

Top left is Buttercup Renea in a plastic sack. Middle is Buttercup Renea in the suitcase with our black beauty Lizzie Miranda on the lid of the suitcase. Bottom right is Buttercup Renea in a Christmas box. Buttercup Renea is the cat who could jump up and grab the ceiling fan light pull and turn the light on in the middle of the night!

Our Callie Ann loves us, but no one else. She runs and hides under the bed and stays there anytime anyone comes in our house. Here she is inside a paper bag. She was way in the back of the bag and I wanted a photo, so I stuck Barney in there to hold up the sack opening. Callie Ann likes to play fetch...Dennis tosses a toy mouse and she runs and get it and then takes it back to him. Guess it was her start as a barn cat?

These are three photos of Booksey Rose playing with a page out of the newspaper. Booksey Rose could play for hours with a newspaper page. She would run and slide on it much like a slip-n-slide or she would manage to get it to fold in half, then slip under the middle of it and hide. She would make me laugh just watching her have fun. It amused me so much because she always hated it when I was trying to read the newspaper. She would reach up and slap the paper or get between me and the paper. Had it not been for this beautiful alley cat, turned queen, I would have missed out on a lifetime of enjoyment. Cats are funny and have such wonderful personalities. When we see a cat tail sticking out from under something we can bet that cat is trying to hide!

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