Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sick Saturday

How much money can you spend on a Saturday and not have fun doing it? Just try going to Convenience Care Clinic and the hospital...lots of money spent and not much fun! My poor baby called on Friday night and she was really sick. I told her to drive out here and I would take her to the Convenience Care Clinic on Saturday morning.

When she arrived she was running a fever and had the chills. Neither are good signs. She was also having a very difficult time breathing. When we got up Saturday morning I had to run a couple quick errands, and then I took her to the Convenience Care Clinic. We sat and waited in the lobby for about an hour.

Of course, there were people there I had not seen in a long time, so I was able to visit with them. During this wait time there were some really sick folks arriving and spreading their germs all around the room. One lady had to be helped in the door and was heaving in a plastic bag....OK so I have a fairly strong stomach, but that about got to me! They finally took her to the back and then sent her to the hospital where she belonged.

After we got back to the treatment room they tested my daughter's oxygen levels and other vital signs. The doctor could hear something going on in her lungs so he ordered blood tests and sent us to the hospital for chest x-rays. We were to return to the Convenience Care Clinic as soon as we finished with the x-ray at the hospital, so they could give her a breathing treatment.
The "BABY" getting her breathing treatment.

After she finished the breathing treatment the doctor came back and told us that she had a very contagious pneumonia. OH GREAT...I was not thrilled...I have been with this child in my house, in my car, and in this small treatment room. Not to mention we were both exposed to all the things all those other people had, that were in the waiting room with us, and she was spreading her germs right back at them! Plus all her students were in the classroom with her all day on Friday.

The doctor gave her four medications to take to try to get over this nasty illness. Bless her heart, I knew she was sick when she stayed with her Mom and Pop all weekend. She just did not feel like driving the seventy miles back home. At any rate by the time we went to the clinic, hospital and pharmacy for the medicines it ended up being a four hour ordeal. It did make me feel better that she was at our house and we could take care of her. No matter how old she gets she is still our baby!

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  1. I found this post on Facebook! Gotta love the love in this family!

    "I have the best mom on this planet! I went out Friday night she took me to the DR Saturday morning and then ran me to the hospital for a chest xray then back to the DR for a breathing treatment and a huge shot in the hip. They diagnosed me with pneumonia. I stayed until this evening for all the mommy love I could get."