Saturday, January 11, 2014

Commotion - Historic Route 66, Elk City, OK

My husband and I attended the dedication of the Commotion bucking horse statue, last summer at the Old Town Museum on Historic Route 66 in Elk City, Oklahoma. Of course, bless his heart I know he thought I was crazy to want to get out in the 110 degree heat and drive nearly an hour west to take photos of a statue!
But, this was a special day and a very special statue. This was the dedication of a 1,300 pound statue of the famous bucking horse Commotion.  Artist Terry Kelsey created this bronze masterpiece by looking at photos and actually seeing the horse in person. As you can see by the photo above there were lots of other people out in the heat too.
Commotion, was part of the Beutler and Gaylord Rodeo Companies string of bucking stock. He was named the top bareback horse at the 1998 National Finals Rodeo and the following three seasons, he was the PRCA's bareback horse of the year. Commotion's bucking career expanded nearly twelve years and he is now retired on the Beutler and Son Rodeo Company ranch near Elk City, Oklahoma.
commemorative post card given out at the dedication

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