Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sweet Valentine Roses

It is time to start thinking about Valentines Day All Free Holiday Crafts featured this neat craft project by Craft Test Dummies and if you are not signed up on both of these sites I would recommend them.

Supply List:
  • Red Tissue Paper, cut in squares. You need 2 squares per rose.
  • Wire floral stems (green)
  • Wired Leaves (2 per flower)
  • Glue Dots
  • Floral tape
  • 2 chocolate kisses per flower
vday 004
Start off by taking one of the floral wires and roughly bending it in half over the bottom of a candy kiss. Hold the wires in your fingers and twist the ends loosely. Put a glue dot over the wire.
vday 005
Place another candy, bottom side down, on the glue dot.
vday 006
Take your tissue paper squares and center them over the pointy end of the candy. Pull the sides of the tissue out straight and crease.
vday 007
Wrap tissue clockwise around candy, forming petals. Keep twisting all the way to the base of the candies. Secure with a bit of tape if needed.
vday 008
Holding one end of the floral tape against the bottom third of the candy portion, start pulling the tape gently and wrapping it around to form a stem. (Pulling the tape activates a mild wax that will make the tape stick to itself.)
vday 009
Once you get past the bulky portion at the end of the tissue paper, add two leaves and continue wrapping down the wire to the end. Just rip off the tape and smooth it down to finish.
Sweet Treats You Craft Yourself!

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