Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bank Customer Appreciation Day

Love living in a small town...once a year our bank does Customer Appreciation Day. They set up tables in the front parking lot and invite everyone in the community to come and have lunch. This year they served barbeque sandwiches, baked beans and coleslaw. There was a soft drink wagon with a variety of beverages. On one end of the parking lot there was a live band playing lively music. Inside the bank you could sign up for drawings and pick up things like note pads, pens, key rings, fly swatters etc.  It was a fun event.
We arrived early to beat the noon crowd, but as we were leaving the tables were all full.
The bank officers and directors did the serving of the food items.
In the photo below is Uncle Eddie on the right serving the slaw.
Uncle Eddie's dad was one of the founders of the bank.
In the photo below is a local attorney who is also a director.
Our community is big on events like this and everyone enjoys attending. This is the same bank that roped off this same parking lot when the OKC Thunder was in the National Finals and projected the game up on the front side of the bank wall. Great community spirit!

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