Monday, November 19, 2012

What Color Is Your Christmas Tree? Check Garden Ridge!

My Granddaughter wants a white Christmas tree and trim it with purple ornaments and lights. She found one in the city, but it was quite expensive. I am going to send her to check prices at Garden Ridge...I have no clue how much their trees will be, but from experience on their other merchandise I would bet it will be less expensive. I love Garden Ridge...the isles are not as crowded as the other big stores.
They offer Christmas trees in traditional colors, with or with out lights.
You can find EVERY color of Christmas tree and ornaments.
The selection of ornaments is mind boggling!
Traditional bulbs or personalize type ornaments.
Every color, shape and size to make your tree special.
Garland, ribbon, and you name it Garden Ridge has it!
Not only to they have the tree stuff, but they have seasonal plants.
If you plan to travel for the holidays and need a new suitcase...
go to Garden Ridge!
They have every size and color you can imagine.
My daughter got her suitcase at Garden Ridge, 
for her trip to Denver last month.
Garden Ridge has never heard of me and did not give me anything for writing this post.
The reason for this post is that I forget about
Garden Ridge when I go to the city to shop.
It is located in an odd place, but when I remember...
 I am thrilled because their prices are great.
This post is so that I can remember to shop there on Black Friday!


  1. I ALWAYS forget about GR. I had a friend who put all her MANY Star Wars collectible ornaments on a black tree in her kitchen. How cool does that sound? I have always wanted a pink tree. My son threatens to boycot if I do get one. So I think I will settle for a primitive type stick-ee looking tree. No lights this year and all paper/toy/homecrafted ornaments. Better Homes and Gardens has some cute paper ornament templates. Definitely no glass or precious ornaments this year. Our giant obnoxious kitten (he is 8 months old but HUGE after being neutered) will have nothing to break. He is TERRIBLE!

    1. Check the Top 12 Holiday Projects on this site for some good ideas and please vote for my craft while you are there:)

  2. I love colored Christmas trees. They are so fun! When I worked at the state historical society several years ago, the museum we ran had a display of colored aluminum Christmas trees one year. :)