Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cats and Computers

When our daughter was going to college for her Bachelors Degree we had Booksey Rose that always tried to help her with her homework. Booksey Rose was all about the computer printer and slapping the paper as it was coming out.
Now our daughter is working on her Masters Degree she has her Grace cat that either lays on her book or on the keyboard. Grace wants her to stop doing homework and pay attention to her.
How pitiful can one cat look?
When I am trying to work on the computer our Callie Ann walks across the keyboard and gets between me and the monitor. She also moves the mouse around. She wants attention too.
Cats and computers are both entertaining.


  1. Love how you love your cats! This brought a smile to my face this morning.

    1. And to think for all those years how I did NOT like cats at all! Like so many other things...grandchildren open our eyes to the world. If not for Shelby bring Booksey Rose in out of the cold rain and she became our first cat. Also, if Booksey Rose had not been the PERFECT cat there would have been no more...LOL