Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making Corsages for Football game night

My daughter is the sponsor of the high school Step Team where she teaches. She needed to get corsages for the Mothers of the Senior girls, on the team to wear on Senior Night at the football game. So, the problem was she did not have the funds for the corsages. She called and we decided to make the corsages (she decided her mom could make the corsages). I went to the store and grabbed some gold colored flowers, maroon ribbon and some premade silver and gold curly ribbon bows. I already had the sparkle pipe cleaners.
I took the pipe cleaners and "wrote" the word STEP. Two pipe cleaners for the word. Next I made big loops with the ribbon and attached to the back of the flower stem with floral wire. Then I attached the curly ribbon on the bottom of the flower stem. When I cut the flower stem off I turned it up in a circle for added support on the corsage. I made a loop out of a pipe cleaner on the back and put on a couple big safety pins, for the mom's to pin on the corsage. Last I hot glued the word STEP on the front of the flower.
The top photo is taken in sunlight and the next in shadows to show details of the corsages. The hard part was making three that looked alike:) They are not exactly alike, but will look like it out on the football field. The ribbon looks red in the top photo, but it is maroon.
To give you an idea of the size, I put each one in a cardboard flat that holds 12 cans of veggies. They are like those big homecoming type mum corsages that cost a mint. We save a lot of money making them ourselves. The ribbon was $2.97, floral wire $1.00, curly ribbon $3.00, Flowers $3.00 (I bought a stem with all the flowers on it), so for approximately $11.00 we got 3 corsages. Less than the cost of one corsage at a flower shop. I had to put them in my van for safe keeping, because my cat Callie Ann likes to eat curly ribbon. I really have to watch her when I am doing any type of craft...she is bad.
Sad part of making these corsages was I NEEDED MY SISTER! She is a master at making corsages...she took the classes...but next year since we know what to expect...I will be asking for her help. Actually my daughter can ask for her Aunt Gwen to help her with the project:)

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