Thursday, November 8, 2012

Western Oklahoma - Cooperton

I have yet to travel all the roads in Western Oklahoma!
On this day my friend Pat and I were headed south just siteseeing.
I whipped off the highway to snap photos of this old church building.
This is the Cooperton Baptist Church in Kiowa County Oklahoma.
Just a basic cemement block building.
Couldn't find the history...sorry.

This photo is the north edge of the Washita Mountians in SW Oklahoma.
Oklahoma is DIFFERENT...
we have more miles of shore line than the Altantic coast
we have prairie lands...we have mountains
and if you don't like our weather...
just wait a few minutes and it will change!
Don't mean to brag (much), but
Oklahoma has Something for Everyone!!!
This is a old church building in the heart of the
now Ghost Town of  Cooperton, Oklahoma.
I love these photos we took in Western Oklahoma.
Every time I look at this file it makes me smile,
remembering the fun we had just driving in Western Oklahoma.

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