Sunday, January 9, 2011


The kind does not matter white, green, yellow or red onions are all good. We eat them raw or cooked or cooked in something. We like the sweet ones and the not so sweet ones. Onions are a main stay in most of our meals. One of the first things I ask my husband, when we began dating 25 years ago, was his political affiliation and did he like onions. He passed both of those tests! 
My sister-in-law says when she was younger, and had not had time to get supper ready before her husband got home from work, she would quickly saute some onions to make the house smell like she was cooking. She said that would buy her time until she could get the meal fixed. My daughter believes that one should have sauteed onions with every meal too.
These two photos show the artistic beauty of the onion. I really took the photos because I could not believe we had an onion in our house long enough to sprout before we ate it!

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