Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This bench is made out of a old iron bed. I WANT ONE! I already have the bed so all I need is to take it to a welder and have them cut the end of the bed in two pieces and use them to weld to the head piece of the bed. (All you teachers reading this fix that sentence yourself. I hate punctuation!! It is a waste of time and energy...:)

I saw this bench in Elk City at the National Route 66 Museum. I loved it because, the seat part was made out of two by fours. The ones I had seen in the past used the beds side rails for a seat base and required a cushion. This one was great and could be out in all types of weather.
This is the side view of the bench. I WANT ONE!

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  1. Really cool! I agree about the seat - having furniture outside with cushions creates hassel. And I hate hassel. Find a welder. I cant' wait to see what you create!