Monday, January 3, 2011

Western Oklahoma Statues

Western Oklahoma has some of the most awesome outdoor art displayed for all to enjoy.
Buffalo in Elk City
Binding Contract - Cowboys shake hands over rail fence in Elk City
Note the oil derrick to the left of the cowboys. Downtown Elk City.
Longhorn displayed in Elk City.
Weatherford Library. This statue was made to allow the "rust" to run down on the base.
Thomas P. Stafford statue in front of the Air & Space Museum Weatherford, OK
Southwestern Oklahoma State University mascot statue "Duke"
Elk City, OK - Elk

These are only a few of the statues found in Weatherford and Elk City. Nearly every community in Western Oklahoma has a great piece of art on display, in the form of a bronze or other type of metal statue. These pieces of art have taken years to acquire and several thousands of dollars to create. We often just drive by not thinking how lucky we are to see such beautiful art on public display. Stop and take a closer look they are amazing!

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