Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tomboy Tools

TOMBOY TOOLS are something every female should own. My sister-in-law has this set of Tomboy Tools that she obtained at a tool party. This photo of the tool box looks more orange than pink, because I did not have the right light when I snapped the shot. This tool box also doubles as a step stool and will hold 500 pounds and not tip over. It is just an awesome way to keep up with your tools, and since they are all pink most males would not be caught using them.
On the Tomboy Tool website  I found that you can buy all the tools individually and the tool box can be purchased with just the basics or empty. They also have power tools to use around the house and all kinds of DIY (do it yourself) tools for home improvement projects. At a Tomboy Tool party the hostess can earn points to use to purchase the tools at a discount price. They also offer DIY tips for how to actually do simple home repairs.
Two sizes of hammers, hacksaw, measuring tape, gloves, screwdrivers, pliers, safety glasses, box cutter, and all types of tools can be added to your personal tool box.

I recommend you go to the TOMBOY TOOLS website 
to check out all the neat pink tools and read about the ladies that started the company.


  1. I just love the fact that it is being recognized that women are preforming repairs and working on home improvement projects!

  2. Just found your blog here and wanted you to know that the Stepper is no longer available from Tomboy Tools. There are several of us in Oklahoma that are consultants for Tomboy Tools. Feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with the consultant nearest you. We are needing consultants all over the state and the small towns offer the best opportunities believe it or not. or call or text 405-659-4900.