Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scrapbook Hints

I love to put together a scrapbook to give as a present commemorating a special event. I try to plan ahead and usually have a scrapbook or two on hand. I always check the scrapbook section of the store to see if they have any scrapbooks or supplies on sale. My favorite thing to do for a big event is to have those attending sign in on a few of the scrapbook pages rather than have a guest book. Then I can incorporate the pages right into the memory scrapbook of the event. This is one of the pages used at a surprise birthday party.
Another thing I have started doing is to find a scrapbook that has very colorful pages. I use a variety of craft scissors to cut around the photos and glue them directly on to the pages. Make sure you use acid free glue that is photo safe.  I love using stickers that say things, plus I hand write on the pages as well. When I first started scrapbooking I would cut the borders and back the photos and all kinds of extra work. Then I decided I like keeping it simple and they turn out just as neat.
Make sure when you are at the event that you pick up table favors and other items to include in your scrapbook. Leave several pages to add the greeting cards the person received at the end of the scrapbook. The goal is to put together a complete memory of the event.
There are so many types of scrapbooks and scrapbook page designs you can find the appropriate pages for the event or the person's personality.
If the scrapbook is about a special trip or vacation you can get maps of where you traveled and mark the route with a bright highlighter like I have below. If you cross several states make the pages next to each other so the route traveled will connect and continue.
You can also pick up brochures or other items from stops made along the way and include.
 Try to take photos when you stop at special places along the way.
Scrapbooks are fun! I get a lot of enjoyment out of putting together a gift of memories. I get amused at people who think a scrapbook has to be perfect, because they don't! A scrapbook should only show the love you have for the person who will be the recipient of the scrapbook. I promise they will not see it as having anything wrong with it! So if you do not scrapbook, it is time to start and have fun!


  1. She has such great ideas! The lucky recipeints lug them around forever! They love showing everyone about their event.

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  2. Very creative! Much better than my stacks of random pictures.