Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1st Loose Tooth!

Granny's Love has his first loose tooth at the age of six! I have been saving this book to give him for this special occasion. He is all smiles about having a loose tooth!
He thought it was great fun taking a photo of his loose tooth.
He showed me how loose his tooth was by wiggling it with his finger.
He opened wide to show me a new tooth was coming in to replace his loose tooth!


  1. How cute! My little guy is already talking about loose teeth! Seems some kids at kindergarten are loosing theirs. Being one of the youngest in the class means his teeth are holding strong but he still checks! The book looks great!

  2. Even at twelve, my kids are still all smiles when they lose a tooth - although we are running out of baby teeth here :(
    Your little one is adorable! Enjoy it.
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