Friday, February 11, 2011

Bird Tracks/Snow

My husband saves the ends of loaves of bread and sticks them in the freezer. When this snow storm was predicted he got out the bread and lightly toasted it and broke it into chunks. When the snow ended he took the bread pieces and tossed them all over the front yard for the birds.
Our cats have laid on their tummies at the front door or on the back of the couch to look out and watch the birds eat. The birds know the cats can't get out to get them, so they really put on a show for the cats hopping around the yard.
I only caught a couple birds eating, because when they saw me in the doorway they flew away.
Look how the snow is sparkling in the afternoon sunlight.
I took these photos from standing on the front porch!
From the number of tracks there must have been lots more birds when I took my snow day nap!

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