Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Sale Alert!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! This is a AFTER VALENTINE'S DAY SALES ALERT tomorrow and the next few days the stores will be putting all of the leftover valentine stuff on half price.

Think about events you might have coming up for the rest of the year. For example last year I purchased pink plastic 54 inch by 108 inch tablecloths for 35 cents each and was able to use them for my granddaughter's birthday and a baby shower we gave for a mother expecting a little girl.

I purchased red plastic 54 inch by 108 inch tablecloths for 35 cents each to be used at my grandson's birthday. Red tablecloths go with just about every kind of cartoon character or super hero theme. You will also find solid color pink and red cups, plates and napkins on half price that can be used for other occasions.

I also purchased valentine sacks and lots of little toys to put in the sacks for my grandson to take to his school party this year. I love half price items and being prepared ahead of time!

Do you plan on giving a bridal shower? Well check out the after valentine half price sale for items you can use to decorate for the shower. Lots of the heart stuff will be in white that works well for wedding showers.

When my sister was planning her wedding she purchased Dove chocolate heart candies and put them in the freezer. When it was time for the wedding reception she took them out and unwrapped them an put them on a beautiful tiered serving tray. These could also be used for a shower.

Think outside the box as you look at the half price items after valentine's day. There will be baskets, gift wrap, candles, flowers, stuffed toys, cookie cutters and all sorts of things that you can use for other events if you think and look ahead at the rest of your year!

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