Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow! Wind! Cold!

I am taking this photo from INSIDE the house! I scraped the frosty window to show how COLD it is in Western Oklahoma. Cold is when your storm door frosts over on the inside! I was up checking to see how much snow we had and how bad the roads were to determine if I needed to get ready for work. Thank goodness I received a very wonderful text saying we were closed!
Then I decided to stick my head out the door and snap a couple snow photos.
We have been having 40 mph winds, so the snow is blowing everywhere and making big drifts.
These three photos were snapped at the same time, just using different camera settings.
Snow is pretty and we need the moisture, but burrrrrrrrr minus15 degrees wind chill.
They are forecasting temps in the 60's just three days from now....Oklahoma weather!
In the flat part of the front yard we have five inches and it is too cold to measure any more!
Good day to stay in, drink too much coffee and find something to bake in the oven.

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