Saturday, April 2, 2011

2nd Car Since May...OMG!

Do you remember my February 28th blog post, about finding our Granddaughter her 2nd car in less than a year? Well, here is what it looks like today! OMG...the 2nd car since May is now all crumbled up like a smashed pop can. I have never seen so many wrinkles in a car before. Cars can be replaced, but Granddaughters can't, and we are thankful that she was not injured more than she was in this awful wreck.
Front of the Grand Am
Driver's side look at the wrinkle in the hood!
Passenger side really bowed up the hood.
Back driver's side even wrinkled from the impact.


  1. what are the details of the accident? it looks like she rearended someone. has she had driver's ed? does she make calls or text while driving? how can she get insurance? does she know she's not only taking her life and that of her passengers in her hands, but anyone else in her way? this is serious.

  2. Neither accident was my Granddaughter's fault. The first one a guy t-boned her in the driver's side, so hard it spun her car completely around, and totalled her car. The the second wreck she was going through the intersection and a gal failed to yield, to the left turn signal light, and turned into her. She hit her so hard it spun the car completely around and knocked her into a light pole and fire hydrant. NEITHER TIME WAS HER FAULT. Yes, she took driver's education. She is a really good driver, but both times other people hit her car. SO IT IS NOT HER TAKING HER LIFE AND THOSE WITH HER IN HER HANDS, BECAUSE NEITHER TIME WAS IT HER FAULT. I have been driving for 44 years and I could not have avoided those other drivers either and neither could you!