Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mom's Exciting Day

On Monday my Mom had her 76th birthday. My sister, mom and I went shopping at the Allen Canning Factory outlet in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Then my sister said we were going to the casino in West Siloam Springs, just across the Oklahoma line, she was driving so Mom and I were along for the ride:) Of course she didn't have to twist our arms!  It is a big beautiful casino!
This is a photo of Mom with one of the big winnings of the day!
This is a photo of Mom signing for another of her big winnings of the day.
This photo of Mom is with her 3rd big winning of the day. She was singing "happy birthday to me!" Now, please note that neither my sister nor myself are shown in any photo winning anything at all! We were there the same five hours she was there, but only kept our heads above water. Mom won our share of the money!
This is my Mom's birthday dinner later that evening. My niece, my sister-in-law and my brother are in the photo. Also attending the dinner were my husband, my stepdad, my nephew, mom and myself. It was fun to get together and not have to cook or clean!

When I left to come home yesterday, Mom said she had a great birthday! It was a fun weekend in Northwest Arkansas.

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