Monday, April 25, 2011

Gas Going UP!

The news has talked about the gas prices going UP and driving through our town I see our price jumped a dime over night! Twenty miles west of us the price has been $3.75 for more than a week, but when I saw this $3.79 per gallon it made me do a double take.
Every thing we buy will be going up too, because with diesel at $3.99 it is going to cost lots of money to run the trucks that deliver our food, etc. We are paying more attention to grocery sales and try to stock up on things we know we will use.

I remember when diesel was so cheap, we used it to pour along the fence rows to kill the weeds. WOW that was a long time ago!

My Daddy always use to say that it is just as cheap to keep your gas tank full, as it was to let it run close to empty. In this day and time I think we would all be smart to never let our tanks get more than half empty! It would be "cheaper" to only put in a half a tank of gas. It might save us from having a stroke at the price of filling up a completely empty tank.

What is the gas price in your area?

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  1. Sadly, I have to use premium in my truck so $3.97/gal. I should have topped off my tank this morning while I was out because gas prices hadn't gone up from a few days ago. It makes me sick!