Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green Beans

The Allen's Canning Company in Siloam Springs, Arkansas has a outlet store by their canning factory. I love to go there and pick up veggies at a discount price. These green beans are my favorite! They taste like real home canned green beans, so I would buy them by the case. The way I really love them cooked is simmered with a strip of bacon.

These beans are so good and the last couple times I was able to stop at the outlet they were completely out of the "shellout" beans. I have looked in all the stores in Western Oklahoma and they do not carry them either!
The thing that makes me laugh about these beans is the label on the can. Italian Bean Shellouts Cut Italian Beans and Dry Shelled Beans....and below that it says Kentucky Wonder Style. So how can they be Kentucky Wonder Style Italian Bean Shellouts???

Well, when you read the back of the label INGREDIENTS: Italian green beans, water, prepared pinto beans, salt, calcium chloride added to help maintain firmness. they are not really shellouts...they use pinto beans to resemble shellouts.

Young people have no clue what I am blogging about! When people actually grew food to eat in their gardens, we had Kentucky Wonder beans. When beans grow so big there are some that you take out of the shell because the green bean part gets tough. So you end up with beans with shellouts in them. I guess I love these so because they remind me of being younger. LOL
Here's the deal....all of you extra pairs of eyes out there please check your grocery shelves and see if you can find these Allen's Shellout Beans. Let me know where I can get more of them.


  1. i know what you mean! i used to shell green beans with my granny straight out of her garden and she always grew kentuky wonders and canned plenty for winter. when my mother found allen's i was amazed and delighted. you're so lucky to live near the outlet. i'm in PR now and miss my veggies!

  2. I am from St. Louis and there is nothing like these Allens Italian green bean shellouts. I have been trying to figure out where to get them. One store manager I talked to did not want to be bothered and told me that they carried Bush's and I politely told him they are no comparison. Kroger sells them in TN, GA, and SC. I found every exotic Allen's type of canned vegetable but these in the store of my mother's hometown of Jackson MO. Now I know a trip to the outlet will not bear fruit or shellouts. I am going to ask the Kroger manager in Troy MO to order them for me. Other than that I guess I will be driving to TN to visit a Kroger that stocks them

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