Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bacon Covered Meatloaf with Crisscross Potatoes

Kennda's Bacon Covered Meatload with Crisscross Potatoes
(my daughter made this dish and sent me the photos)
Basic Meatloaf Recipe
Ground Beef
Crushed Saltine Crackers
Bread Crumbs
Worcestershire Sauce 
Chopped Bell Pepper
Chopped Onion
Garlic Salt
Onion Powder
Seasoning Salt
any other ingredients you put in your meatloaf
Mix meatloaf and place in 9 x 13 pan in loaf type shape
Crisscross Potatoes
Cut potatoes in half long ways
Make shallow crisscross cuts on middle of potatoes
Spread butter on top on cuts place around the meat loaf
Cover meatloaf with bacon slices and bake at 350 for hour
Mix topping
Catsup and Honey for topping
Spread on meatloaf and cook for an additional half hour or more

Bless her heart she said it is not as good as yours mom...but I know that she is an awesome cook and it was probably better than mine. It looks really good!

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