Saturday, December 7, 2013

Corn Chip Chili Pie

Winter is the time of year I crave corn chips and chili. Must be from football and basketball games when we got a bag of chips cut down the side, chili poured on top of the chips and served in the bag! This is my take on Corn Chip Chili Pie. Pour corn chips out into a paper trying to get the chili washed out of a real bowl this way. We have found that we love the Always Save brand of corn chips. They are less expensive and seem to have less oil.

I am making supper so this is a BIG corn chip chili pie for two. Remember my husband is THE COOK and makes the really good stuff. Next take a can of your favorite chili and pour 1/2 a can over each bowl of corn chips.

This is optional, but my husband and I use onions with everything! Chop onion and add on top of the chili. You can make your pieces a bit smaller than I have made these if you prefer. We have wore out our onion chopper, so I chop bigger pieces when I do them by hand. Sometimes I add jalapeno peppers too.

This step is precise measurement....LOL....dump out a mound of your favorite cheese on top of the pie. I used Mexican cheese because that is what I had on hand. Justin Wilson, the original television cook, said "you use what you got." When my granddaughter was a toddler, she and my husband would wake up before everyone on Saturday mornings. He would fix her breakfast and they would watch cartoons until everyone else got up. One time he was gone on a trip and I got up with her to watch cartoons. After flipping through the known cartoon channels and her throwing a hissy fit that was not cartoons! I flipped one channel at a time...she yelled that's it when Justin Wilson came on the screen. So, all that time she and her Poppy had been watching Justin Wilson NOT cartoons. She still does not like to watch cartoons to this day.

Back to the corn chip chili pie. After you put the cheese on top, microwave the pie for a minute or minute and a half. If you want to burn your tounge you can cook it for two minutes...don't ask how I know! The cooking time depends on the watts of your microwave. Cook until the cheese melts on top.

I generally serve the corn chip chili pie with a big glass of husband has to have his milk with three cubes of ice in it. And I also have extra strength antacid tablets on hand for later. At any rate this is so wonderful in the winter for a quick inexpensive meal.

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