Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tree Craft

Today is my birthday. For as long as I can remember my Mother always put our family Christmas tree up the weekend around my birthday. There were a couple of times she changed the schedule a bit. The year my brother was born we put up the tree a little early. He was born on December 15. Another time was when my sister was going through chemo and Mom decided to put her tree up while I was was October! None of this has anything to do with this Christmas tree craft project of today. It is just that Christmas trees evoke memories and thoughts about them.

Today's Christmas tree is tiny enough you can sit it on the corner of your desk or other small place that needs a little Christmas decoration. It is a tree that children can have fun decorating on their own. First just spray paint a large size pine cone green. The green spray paint I had on hand was not exactly Christmas tree green, but it was ok. After the pine cone has been painted and the paint is dry. Glue on beads or other tiny decorations to make the tree festive. You can even carefully spray with the artificial snow or use building caulk to dab a bit of "snow" on the tree. I used a larger bead for the topper.
I could not decide which side of the tree looked best. I took a photo of both sides of the tree.
You can also sit the tree on some fluffed up cotton balls or on top of a pop bottle cap for a base. A pine cone tree can also be a craft project for children to give their parents. It can be a Christmas party place card holder or tiny table decorations. Mostly it is just a fun project.

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