Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Easy Grilled Fajitas

My daughter makes easy grilled fajitas and sent me these photos to share on this blog.
She made beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas using round steak, chicken breasts and shrimp.
Fajita Seasoning
Round Steak
Chicken Breasts (boneless/skinless)
Flour Tortillas
Sour Cream
Shredded Cheese (your choice of kind)
Onions sauteeded in butter
Chunky Salsa
(I would have used green bell peppers and tomatoes. Cooking the peppers with the onions.)
She takes the round steak and squeezes lime juice on it. Put lime on chicken and shrimp too.
To make the lime easier to get the juice out roll them on your counter top back and forth with the palm of your hand until they feel kinda soft. It makes a big difference in getting all the juice out.
Next she puts lots of Fajita Seasoning on the round steak. When my daughter cooks she NEVER measures anything! I ask how much and she says LOTS.
Next she tenderizes the round steak by whacking on it with a meat tenderizer.
She lets the meat set for a bit to allow the Fajita Seasoning and lime to work its magic on the meat. She satuees her onions and shrimp in butter.
After grilling the round steak and chicken she slices the beef in thin strips.
The chicken can be cut in chunks or smaller pieces if you desire.
Below is a open shrimp fajita. Roll up flour tortilla to eat and enjoy.
Chicken fajita just like the shrimp, with onions, sour cream, cheese and salsa!
Beef fajitas are my personal favorite.
There are many ways that people make fajitas, but my daughter's fajitas are so easy and so good! She is a really good cook....she learned how to cook from my husband. (That is one of the good things he taught her.) The older she gets the more like him she becomes. He says it is like talking to himself when he is around her.

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