Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hard Boiled Eggs

Husband's Method for Making Hard Boiled Eggs

Put eggs in pan and cover with about one inch of cold water above tops of eggs.
Add 1/2 teaspoon salt.
Bring to rolling boil.
Cook for 10 minutes.

Cool eggs imediately by running cold water into pan.
Pour it out and repeat process several times until eggs are cool to touch.
Crack each egg shell all around and leave in water.
Peel the eggs and rinse off.

Place on a paper towel to dry and completely cool.
Then place in zip lock bag and place in the frig.
 (or make egg salad or whatever you do with hard boiled eggs)

I cut this egg when it was still to warm, so it has the cracked look on one half. My husband says that this is a perfectly cooked egg. He says that if you cook them too long you will see a greenish ring around the yoke, where the yoke and white touch. He also says that eggs are the least expensive source of animal protien you can buy. If eggs are a $1.20 a dozen that makes them $.80 per pound! I take hard boiled eggs in my lunch a lot of the time.


  1. Once again, Dennis is right! I love having cooked eggs in the fridge. They make a nice breakfast when you are running late (or not). Just chop them up with a bit of salt and pepper and they're ready!

  2. I like eggs, but my husband is not a fan, so we don't eat them much.. That's a shame!