Friday, September 23, 2011

Quilt Show

These are only a few of the quilts that were on display at the Historical Society Quilt Show.
Check out the detail in work around the edge of this quilt.
This quilt square was made at Elk City, Oklahoma in 1933!
There must have been a quilting club, because there were several squares of the same type with different ladies names on them. It made me wonder why they did not put them together and make a quilt. With all the different fabrics it would have been a bright quilt!
Look at all the little pieces of different fabric on the "fan" of this pattern.
I love all of the top stitching that adds to the design of this bright colored creation.

I remember the first time our 4-H Club, when I was a very young child, got together at our leader's house and made a quilt for a family that had lost all of their belongings to a house fire. Our leader taught each of us exactly how to make the proper stitches. She had a huge quilt frame set up in her living room, and we all gathered around to fininsh the quilt. We were all very proud of that quilt and even more proud to give it to the family.

This quilt show made me think of all the hours of work it takes to make a quilt without the modern sewing machines and quilting machines. I think both hand quilted and machine quilted are beautiful works of art. It is sad the youth of today are too busy to learn how much fun it can be to make a quilt.

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  1. I have a friend that quilts and I'm in awe of how much time and effort she devotes to it. But her quilts are stunning and truly one of a kind.