Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Patch Favorite Jeans

My Granddaughter's favorite jeans are Z co. brand. They come with frayed places and look wrinkled. Since there are places that already are thread bare on them, her two favorite pair ended up with big gaping holes. She brought them to me to see if I could make them so she could still wear them. The only idea I could come up with was to put fabric patches under the holes and stitch around the hole to hold the fabric in place. I had seen some new jeans in the store that was already made that way! Now she loves her "new" jeans. When I was her age having to wear anything patched was so embarrasing! If you need to get your kids or grandkids "in style" or give something a "new look" get out the material basket and patch their clothes.
She loved the first pair with the purple fabric patches, because purple is her current favorite color. The second pair I used a navy fabric with little red apples and light blue dots. Since I did the patching by hand I put a piece of cardboard down in the leg, so I would not sew the leg front to the back. By sewing the patch under the hole it still left her the frayed look she loves.
I know the stores sell iron on patches, but these are one-of-a-kind looks for a one-of-a-kind Granddaughter! Next time I am going to teach her how to sew the patches on her jeans.


  1. Those are so cute! Looks much better than having patches OVER the holes. :)

  2. Such a great idea! I agree with Kiersten - definitely better than patches over the holes. So much more stylish!