Monday, July 11, 2011

Callie Ann

Callie Ann
Callie Ann loves to sit and look out the door
When she wants her belly rubbed she rolls over on the floor
If stangers come she runs and hides under the bed
She sits and meows when she wants to be fed

Callie Ann enters the room with her tail in the air
Gives a "go away" look if you want her out of your chair
She thinks she's the QUEEN and rules the house
Never ever would think of catching a mouse

Callie Ann leaps to get on the window shelf
Sitting in the sunlight and bathing herself
She bops Lizzie Tu on the head with her paw
Learning from Lizzie Miranda the example she saw

Callie Ann came from a barn to our house in town
She makes us laugh with her tricks like a clown
She knows when it is midnight time to go to sleep
Lights out she checks us then curls up on the sheet

by BKWilliams 2011

1 comment:

  1. During a recent visit to Brenda's, she told me I probably would see much of Callie Ann. You can imagine Brenda's amazed look when Callie Ann came out of hiding and walked right up and let me pet her! Love this cat!