Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th - 25th Anniversary!

Twenty-five years! Happy Anniversary Husband!
This is the cake board made by Don, the husband of Ruby, our friend who made our wedding cake 25 years ago. He cut the board and then took two of our wedding invitations and the announcement from the newspaper and glued them to the board. The glue kinda made some spots on the invitations, but it is still a cool keepsake! Then he put several layers of polyurethane over the board to seal it. The board is 14" X 20" and was just the size of the bottom layer of the cake. I have taken several photos to show the invitation. We had a western theme wedding at my brother-in-law's ranch. There was also a barbecue and bull riding event. Not the mechanical type bulls, but real ones. It was an entire day of fun.
The invitations (over 100 of them) were all hand crafted, hand cut out and hand drawn and printed. First I took a brown grocery sack and cut out the shape of a cowboy boot. Then drew the "features of a cowboy boot on the front side. Next I drew a map on the back to tell people how to get to the ranch. This rustic invitation fit perfectly into a regular business size envelope.
Then I opened it up at the fold (the top and bottom are attached) and printed a verse I made up to invite people to our wedding. If you read both of the above photos you can see the whole invitation. Check it out....I was already a Williams so this time I did not have to change my name!! This was a lot of work, but the invitations were very special to us. And I recycled the grocery sacks...LOL  Truly we were on a tight tight budget, so hand crafted invitations helped.
The photo below is our wedding cake on the board. Ruby made a big sheet cake and then put two different size heart cakes on top of that. Now think BUTTER CREAM ICING AND JULY 4TH....we had to haul that cake up, down, and around those Arkansas curves and then two miles out into the country....gravel road....HEAT....bouncing and butter cream......OMG it was really something. Thank goodness Ruby had froze it so it would travel better! It was pretty pink, blue and purple. The grooms cake to the right was too had a bunch of different NUTS with eyes glued on the nuts on a board and said "welcome to our family."
I really think this is a Jeff Foxworthy moment.....
"You might be a redneck if your wedding invitation was made out of a grocery sack."
"You might be a redneck if your wedding cake is on a piece of plyboard."
"You might be a redneck if you have a bull bucking and barbecue at your wedding."
"You might be a redneck if you hear a deputy sheriff cock his shot gun at your wedding."
Oh, that really happened too....our friend was a deputy sheriff and when the minister was starting to ask my husband if he took this woman Danny cocked his shot gun....too funny!



  1. And they're still laughing 25 years later! Happy Anniversary Dennis and Brenda! May there be lots of fireworks in your day!

  2. PS: Those invitations were beautiful! I still have mine somewhere around here.

  3. I love this! I guess I had not ever seen the invitations and board. Happy Anniversary to both of you. You two are very very special and we love you a lot.