Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Postage Stamps for a Cause

When I go to the post office, to buy postage stamps, I always ask to see the notebook with the new stamps. I am tired of the standard postage stamps. On my last trip as I thumbed through the book I found these two postage stamps for a cause that I thought was neat. The first was ANIMAL RESCUE ADOPT A SHELTER PET and they feature animals adoped from shelters. Note that the cat on the right corner looks like our Lizzie Tu.
The next ones I found were GO GREEN reduce our environmental footprint usa. There were only 16 stamps instead of 20 on this page of stamps. Each stamp gives a tip about little things we can do to help our planet.

On the back of the GO GREEN it tells a little about the little things, for example it says "Recycling just one aluminum can reduces waste--and saves enough energy to run a computer for three hours." WOW that is impressive.

Next time you go to the post office ask them to see the new stamps. It always makes me smile when I find cool new stamps to use.

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